I'm So Sorry

More than a month has gone by, and if I'm honest with you, it will likely be more. I promise to get back to this calling. Please don't see this as abandonment. I'm just one person who loves her daughter and always puts family first. This whole Miss Amazing thing has taken over our life right now. This is not a bad thing. It's a great thing, especially for Phoebe. This is what is helping her in so many ways to grow, learn, and be able to broaden her platform to help others with disabilities realize their potential as well. Things are progressing and she has not only been super busy, but it has kept me ultra-busy as well. I guess you'd say I'm her manager. She has speaking engagements, dance performances, photo shoots, public appearances such as ribbon cuttings, store openings, food judging, and more! It's crazy! I would never have imagined this in my wildest dreams! 

So, I would say that this is some sort of a sabbatical for us, at least from Upside Down Wellness. Because it doesn't feel like a sabbatical. We are running like crazy with all that we're doing to get ready for the big National Pageant in Chicago this August. 

I will tell you that we are still working on Upside Down Wellness. You just can't see it. We are developing a couple of programs, developing recipes, doing a lot of planning and writing, and learning a lot! It's just all behind the scenes for now. 

We promise we will be back at it soon and you will be seeing some great things in the near future. But for now, I have to let this thing happen with her and the journey with Miss Amazing. She is learning so much and growing into such a beautiful young woman - and I mean from the inside-out! We have so many plans for this website and want to impart all that we can to our readers. We appreciate your loyalty and support for us. 

Thank you for understanding that life happens for everyone and sometimes we just don't see it coming the way we had planned. But this is a good thing, on so many levels and soon, we will all be able to see why. Please stay tuned.