Absence - Has Your Heart Grown Fonder?

This short blog is actually an apology of sort. You haven't been hearing from me as often and I do apologize. I'm not offering excuses. Phoebe is super busy fundraising for her trip in August to the National Miss Amazing pageant being held in Chicago. I'm taking her to an average of two speaking engagements a week, getting up before 5 a.m., doing hair and makeup, donning that crown and sash and putting our best out there to try to raise awareness...and money!!! It's a lot, especially during high season in dance competitions as well. She has 11 classes a week, Company rehearsals, and teaches a class for 3 and 4 year olds. She has school (our schedule is flexible with home schooling) to get done, and usually performances, competitions, or appearances as Miss Amazing on the weekends. 

Guess who drives her to all these things??? Yep, you guessed it. Oh, no you didn't. No, it's not Uber. So this is not an excuse for not writing the blog, it's a REASON!!!

I love you and I care about you and I also want you to know that behind the scenes, we are also developing a program for our coaching part of this site that is going to be super-awesome for people with Down syndrome, but also for everyone else! It's going to be tailored individually, but super simple to use and help you or your 'person' to get healthier. I promise. Did I mention that it's awesome?? Well, it is.

So, if you're not hearing from me as often, please be patient. I'm still here for you, but I'm here for my daughter first right now. This Miss Amazing pageant isn't silly. This is a movement that is raising awareness in communities all over the place, and Phoebe and I are doing our part to make it everything it can be here in Colorado. Phoebe is speaking at the Aktion Club in a few weeks, which is a place for all people with disabilities to make a difference and show the world what they CAN do. She is going to be encouraging people with all kinds of disabilities and that's why this is important. She is going to be a celebrity judge at a big food event. She is holding fundraisers, collecting food for food banks and distributing goods all over the metro area. 

But we do still love you. We are working for you, even though you may not be seeing it at the moment. Phoebe and I aren't the kind of people who sit around and complain or worry about our predicament. We go out and try to make a difference, even if it's a little difference. Please hang in there with us. We will be providing you with a lot in the future. 

So if we seem 'absent,' we really are just trying to get you to grow fond of us. Well, not really. We are truly trying to help the community and raise awareness for people with disabilities, and even more specifically, Down syndrome.

If you want something to do while you wait on us to help you get healthier, please drink another glass of pure, refreshing water and go outside and breathe deep. Pet a dog. Color in your coloring book. Turn your computer off for awhile. Call an old friend and just say, "I was thinking about you." See? That is seven healthy things to do right there. Keep staying awesome!