Down that Water!!

Some day you will die. Everyone does. The old saying goes, "Two things are certain: death and taxes." I never really got that. I knew a few people that didn't pay their taxes. They died.  But you will die much sooner than later if you don't drink enough water. This is true. I'm not pulling your leg. This drinking water thing should be a priority, and for many of us, it is not. I even hear some people say they don't like water. How can you not like water??? We're made up of water! Every cell in our body! You wanna know something even crazier?? I am not making this up. I knew someone who told me that she was allergic to drinking water. Yes, she did say that. She only drank Coca-Cola. How in the H**L can anyone be allergic to water???! Well, I looked it up and there is actually a thing called aquagenic urticaria. See?! My spellcheck even says it's not real! Actually, it is a sad, but true real thing. But I know this particular person I mentioned does not have that. She's just insane, but that's for another blog somewhere else....

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water prevents cancer. Oh yes it does! Do you need to lose weight? Drink more water. Sometimes you confuse thirst with hunger. You think you're hungry. You're actually thirsty. But drinking lots of water helps you lose weight. It helps you perform better in any activity you engage in. It keeps your skin looking nice. It clears out all kinds of toxins from your body. Water is necessary for the function of all your internal organs. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is always the first piece of advice I give anyone when they have any single health complaint. I ask, "What is your daily water intake?" Drinking enough water solves a lot of problems without having to take any medicine! That piece of advice is free!!

It is important to drink enough water before you feel thirsty. Thirst is a signal that your body is already beginning to dehydrate. This is not good, folks. You have to TRY to drink more than you feel thirsty for. And it goes without saying, if you are exercising, drink lots and lots of water! Lots!!

Drinking water keeps you in a better mood. This is enough reason right here to drink plenty. I'm starting to get a little grumpy now. I'm going to have a little.....(ahhhhh....better now). 

Drinking sufficient water regularly builds new skin cells and makes you all glowy and lovely! Drinking water keeps your body temperature at where it should be. Water is essential to carry nutrients throughout your body. Water keeps your joints feeling less stiff by keeping the cartilage soft and hydrated. Do you know someone who takes glucosamine supplements for the joint pain? It actually helps that cartilage absorb the water. 

Water helps prevent constipation. Maybe you didn't want me to say that, but I did. It helps with a headache. Next time you feel one coming on, drink a bunch of water without taking your Excedrin. You might be amazed. You were just dehydrated.

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images


So here's the low-down:

  • Drink half your body weight at the very minimum in ounces. So if you weigh 140 pounds, drink at least 70 ounces of water per day. 
  • Get into the habit of carrying a bottle for your water everywhere you go. Sip on it all day long and fill it up often.
  • Preferably, drink purified or spring water. Tap water has a whole other set of issues I will address at another time. 
  • Like Phoebe says in her video, "Put a piece of fruit in it to change it up a bit." 
  • If your urine is dark yellow, you are not drinking enough water. Yes I went there. I'll be going there a lot. I talk about poop too, so get used to it.

Oh, and one more thing: I'm not Miss Perfect here. I sometimes get busy and forget to drink enough water myself. But when I realize that I'm thirsty and becoming dehydrated, I throw back a big glass of the H2O and then another, and I'm feeling much better. And people seem to like me more.