Chew Your Food

I'm one of the few in this big world that has not jumped on the Smoothie Bandwagon. Believe me, I tried. I would frequent Jamba Juice with my kids and try their many concoctions (trying to keep on the healthy side as much as possible!) and could never even finish a small size smoothie. I never enjoyed milkshakes either. When I was a kid, my mom would try to get me to drink fattening milk shakes to 'fatten me up." It didn't work. And they always gave me a stomach ache, probably due to an intolerance to dairy. 

I did however, try a milkshake the other day at Crave Burger (one of the best buffalo burgers I've ever had) and it was the very best milkshake I have ever had. It was a New York cherry cheesecake milkshake with a real slice of cheesecake, a graham cracker, sour cherries and caramel swirled into it. OMG! No, seriously. OMG! It was amazing, but I still was only able to finish half of it, which is a good thing I suppose, because it's nearly a billion calories. I'm surprised it's not more. They even have 'adult' milkshakes. The burgers are BURGER PORN. I kid you not. This place could ruin me. And I digress. Because this place is not even my point here.

My point, just so you know, is I like to eat my food, not drink it. I don't like protein shakes or smoothies or whatever the next health drink is. Nope. I want to chew my food. That leads me to another small digression: Bobas. If you have not tried Boba, you must at least try it. Many of you probably have. It's a fruit smoothie or cold tea drink (Vietnamese) with large tapioca pearls in it. These tapioca pearls sink to the bottom of the cup, but you are given an extra fat straw to suck them up into and then play with in your mouth. This is where the 'chew' comes in. I drink the drink, but I get to chew too! These little guys are fun! It's a party in my mouth! I got hooked on these for awhile, but knowing about the sugar content in a smoothie, I had to quit -- and it wasn't easy! I love those things. But see, I'm chewing too, which makes me very happy.

I love chewing gum too. But then I found out that isn't the best thing for you, either. Sugarless gum, even with xylitol, is still not the best thing for me. It makes too many juices for my tummy, and then my tummy doesn't want to digest the stuff it SHOULD digest as well. So, I had to quit that too. Plus, I just read the other day that chewing gum makes you fart more. Enough said.

So, as you have gathered I'm sure, I like to CHEW my food. I love to eat, so this makes sense. So why are all those wellness/nutrition gurus out there touting the protein drinks, shakes, and smoothies? Probably for those who DO like to drink a meal or feel they are short on time. It's easy, you don't have to cook, just throw it in a blender or shaker bottle, and there you go! But not me. You're not going to sell me one of your awesome protein powders that's better than the other guy's. I want to chew my food.

Instead of a protein drink, if I don't have time to cook, I can grab a piece of leftover meat and some raw veggies and some avocado. See? No cooking. I can grab some nuts or a boiled egg for a snack. There are lots of options for people like me that like to eat and not drink a meal. I guess once in a while, after a workout maybe, I can tolerate a protein shake, but then, I don't really workout. I play. Just like a kid. But that's another story for another day for another post. 

Do you share this with me? Do you prefer not to drink a meal? Share your comments.